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Vertex Standard VX-160

Rugged, durable portables; ideal for factory or fleet

Vertex Standard VX-PMR 446

Licence-Free Radio

Motorola CP040

Simple radio communication for small and medium-sized organisations.

Motorola GP300

Simple and affordable single channel communication solution

Suppliers include


Central Communications Group

Central Communications Group have prided themselves in providing quality hassle-free service and competitive prices for over 30 years.

Good communications are the key to business success in this busy commercial world. More than ever before, companies need to keep in regular contact with clients, with suppliers and - just as importantly - with their own workforce.

That's where Central Communications Group comes into its own - and has done since 1978.

As one of the largest hand held radio equipment hire specialists in the Midlands, CCG provide a highly personal and totally flexible service.
They have experienced advisors and engineers who can both expertly advise on suitable communication systems and also help 'trouble-shoot' and repair existing setups.

If you have small business use or looking to keep costs down, why not look at our budget hand-portable radios; license free and ready to go. The hand-portables may be low in cost but are robust and reliable.


CCTV Cameras - Sales and Service

As well as radio communications, we also offer sales and service on CCTV cameras.

Our helpful and knowledgeable team will be able to assist in providing your business or home with the most innovative security system. CCTV and video surveillance systems aim to deter crime and vandalism, and provides peace of mind for the general public. CCTV is becoming more and more popular for residential property's offering a visable deterrent to protect your home from intruders.

Here our technician team are able to repair most makes of cameras and provide a rapid response 24 hour breakdown service.


Industry and business rely heavily on radio equipment for smooth, cost effective running of their operations.

Shopwatch schemes help protect the shopkeeper and the general public from shop-lifters.

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